761 New Yorkers contributed MapNYC data from all over the city. Maps work best when local communities are involved in making them, and we're thrilled with the level of daily participation we saw over four short weeks.

Read about our approach and process in “From Contest to Crypto”.

The Contest

Day 1 of 29




The Places. Starting from scratch, the MapNYC community made a rich map of the city in just four short weeks. We shared places we know from our own neighborhoods and explored other parts of the city too. We validated data created by others and learned more about NYC.

Read about our approach and process in “Improving Data Accuracy”.


Places Created

Start September 24

End October 22

The Categories. We've long suspected it, but MapNYC proved conclusively that we New Yorkers love our services. Mostly doctors (we're hypochondriacs). But don't forget dining and shopping… This all checks out.

Read about our approach and process in “Encouraging Contributions”.



New York City. A goal of MapNYC was to provide data for all five boroughs, not just Manhattan. We used incentives to encourage data collection all across the city, and get more people involved in mapping their own communities. We also got to travel and explore new neighborhoods.

Read about our approach and process in “Encouraging Contributions”.

The Boroughs

A graphic of Manhattan, NYC


A graphic of Brooklyn, NYC


A graphic of Queens, NYC


A graphic of The Bronx, NYC

The Bronx

A graphic of Staten Island, NYC

Staten Island


The Data. The MapNYC community did an excellent job creating quality content from scratch and on location. We’ve made the data available under a CDLA - Sharing - Version 1.0 license.

Download the MapNYC Data on GitHub

Read more about our thoughts on open data in “Opening MapNYC Data”.

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