Frequently Asked Questions

This is a quick guide to the MapNYC contest and gameplay. We want this to be easy to read and answer most of your questions. But remember! We’ve had teams of lawyers work (and bill) long and hard on very official documents like these:

These documents are super boring but they govern the contest rules, so please read them! If you have questions, reach us at We’ll help any way we can.

Wait, when is it again???

The contest begins on Monday, September 24 at 10AM EDT. It ends on Monday, October 22 at 11:59PM EDT. Don’t wait until the last minute to add Places!

Am I elegible to participate?

Again, you should read the official rules here, but the highlights are:

  1. You must be a legal resident of the United States.

  2. You must be 18 years old as of September 24, 2018.

  3. You must not be an employee of StreetCred (we’re looking at you, Cassidy).

If you win a prize and don’t meet the eligibility criteria, we’re going to feel really bad for you and then donate your winnings to one of our charity partners.

Where do I get the app?

The “MapNYC by StreetCred“ app is now available for pre-order on iPhones. It will be available on Android in the Google Play Store on September 24, sometime just before 10AM EDT.

Can you remind me to download the app?

Yes, if you sign up for the email list on our contest page, we will totally remind you.

Who are you and why are you doing this?

We’re StreetCred, and we’re building a blockchain-based marketplace for point-of-interest data. We’re running this contest to test out some things before we do a fuller launch. In the end, we want local communities to be paid to collect the real-time local data for those who need it.

Here’s a video from Cheddar TV with our CEO explaining a bit more. Citylab also covered the MapNYC contest recently.

Is this going to be awesome?


 Bitcoin’s USD value goes up and down!

Bitcoin’s USD value goes up and down!

So the prizes are really in Bitcoin?

Yes. StreetCred has allocated 8 Bitcoin to the MapNYC contest. The contest page shows the current USD values of the Bitcoin prize tiers, which will fluctuate throughout the contest.

What if Bitcoin goes way up?


What if Bitcoin goes way down?


How can I win?

Use the MapNYC app to create and validate Places around the city. As you do, you’ll earn points that will be used to calculate the winners of the contest. The top one hundred (100) point earners will be eligible for Bitcoin prizes. Throughout the contest, we’ll regularly publish an updated leaderboard with the latest standings on the contest page.

What Places are eligible to add?

Any point of interest that someone would reasonably search for or navigate to is eligible. You will need to specify the category for each Place you add. If you can’t find the category in the MapNYC app, it probably isn’t a valid place.

How do I earn points?

There are two ways to earn points:

  1. Create a Place: Points are awarded for every new, valid Place you add via the MapNYC app. You must be physically present to add a Place. All data you enter about a place must be accurate. Once you add a place, it will be available for other participants to validate its accuracy. If the Place is successfully validated, you will be granted the points. If that place is invalidated by the community, you will not receive any points.

  2. Validate a Place: Point are awarded for every Place you accurately validate. To validate a Place, you must verify that the location and associated data about a Place is accurate. If the location and data is accurate, then click “Validate“ from the Place page. If the data or location is inaccurate, then click “Invalidate.“ We use multiple validators to ensure accuracy. If your validation is consistent with other validators, then you will be granted the points. If your validation is inconsistent with the community, then you not be granted any points.

As of October 1, the number of points depend on borough:

Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 11.05.33 AM.png

We may change these totals depending on data coverage throughout the contest, and will notify users by email if we do so.

Why are some of my points marked “Pending?”

You get points for creating Places only after those Places are successfully validated by others. Before validation, your points will show as pending.

You also get points for validating Places created by others… a win/win! If you validate or reject a Place, your points will show as pending until consensus is reached by other validators. You will only earn those points if you voted along with consensus.

If you have a lot of pending points, spread the word about MapNYC to get more participants in your area.

How does validation work?

Every Place created in the MapNYC app must be validated by multiple people. As you travel around the city, nearby Places that need validation will be highlighted on the main screen. From the Place page, you are given the option to Validate or Invalidate the place. If you validate, it means all the information is accurate. If you invalidate it, it means that information is incorrect. Some good reasons to invalidate:

  • The Place does not exist at the given location

  • The name is wrong or doesn’t match the visible name on the sign

  • Associated information is incorrect, like hours, category

  • The photo doesn’t match the Place

All participants can validate Places in the app to earn more points.

Duplicate Places

Duplicate places should not be added to the app. If you see a place in the list and on the map, and you add it, it will be flagged as a possible duplicate and will not pass validation.

Location: where should I drop the pin on the map?

Like ride-sharing apps, MapNYC gives you the ability to move a pin to the correct area on the map so you can locate a Place correctly. You should drop the pin at the “main entrance“ of the Place. Use your best judgement if the Place has multiple entrances. If it’s a statue or similar object, drop the pin at the center of the Place.

What if I can’t read or type the Place-name’s language?

New York City speaks many languages, and many Places don’t have signs in English. If you see a Place with multiple names and one is in English, feel free to add the English name. If you speak and write the non-English language of the Place-name, feel free to enter it as it’s displayed. If you can’t enter the language, just move on to the next Place. We’ll support translations later; for now, do your best.

What if I decide to create bad data? Will I be caught?

Yes. If the validation process doesn’t catch this, we have many tools and systems that will. You’ll be disqualified from the contest.

Can I share an account with a friend to maximize points?

No, every user must have their own account. Our system can tell if an account is being shared, and those doing so will be disqualified. Mapping with friends can be fun, just do it with your own accounts.

What happens at the end of the contest?

The contest ends on October 22 and we’ll announce the winners no later than November 5. We need this extra time to ensure the process worked and the winners played according to the rules.

I won! Now what?

We will contact you by November 5 if you’ve won a prize, and arrange to have the Bitcoin transferred to you. We’ll walk you though this process, but if you don’t already have a Bitcoin wallet, you might create an account at Coinbase.

Charity Partnership: City Harvest

We have a partnership with City Harvest and can, at your option, donate your prize to them to help feed hungry New Yorkers. If you choose to do this, you do not have to receive the prize directly Also, if you are ineligible to win according to our rules but have won a prize, we will donate your Bitcoin to City Harvest. Finally, all unclaimed prizes will go to City Harvest.